Our Mission

We provide the most accurate and detailed results possible, whilst having a client focus that is unparalleled by anyone else. Simply being the best at what we do isn’t enough. ELS will go above and beyond to locate and mark utilities in your scoped areas.

Environmental Location Systems employs a team of dedicated Civil Engineers, Geophysicists, Utility Locators, GPR Technicians and Surveyors to  assist in the location and alignment of underground utilities.

The safety of our staff and our clients is of the upmost importance, that’s why rather than focusing on what we have found, we spend more time detailing what we haven’t.

Environmental Location Systems.

Underground, Understood.

Our Vision

At Environmental Location Systems, we strive to be “Even Better” in everything we do. With a proven track record in providing outstanding professional services, we are resourced and committed to delivering completed project solutions, quality and value to all of our clientele.

Quality Policy

With over 25 years of experience contracting throughout Australia, Environmental Location Systems has set the benchmark for quality and service in this unique and challenging industry, holding recognition as the industry experts.

Our professional team of Underground Utility Locators and Surveyors have a strong customer focus and an attention to detail that have lead us to be the best in our field, striving to achieve excellence in all aspects of our operations.

To this end, Environmental Location Systems have developed and implemented a Quality Management System that complies with the International Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001: 2013. The Quality Management System is defined in documented management procedures which provide clear standards and guidelines in all appropriate areas of the company’s activities.

Environmental Location Systems is committed to operating and continually improving our Quality Management System. All Environmental Location Systems personnel and contractors are required to work towards the fulfilment of the management system with training and inductions. Management regularly review the system to maintain its suitability and effectiveness.

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Safety Policy

Environmental Location Systems strives for the highest standard of Occupational Health and Safety and has a comprehensive safety system as a part of its management system, per the Victorian OH&S Act 2004. This safety system is initiated at the subcontractor and employees induction stage and continues through the employee assessment, group training and personal development phases, thus committing Environmental Location Systems to a workplace that is safe and free from injuries.

Our employees and contractors have specific responsibilities for observing and maintaining a safe working environment, as detailed in the Health and Safety Policy. This program is further complimented by OHS&W Procedures and includes: feedback in the form of toolbox meetings, discussion, accident/incident reporting, and hazard analysis, equipment testing and auditing which are used to continuously improve policies, procedures and practices.

All of which is achieved by

  • Establishing appropriate safety procedures in all areas of the organisation.
  • Create and maintain a culture of ‘Safe Working People’. Where the education of our staff and clients in all aspects of OH&S procedures are at the forefront of our business.
  • Promote with and consult via active participation of employees in the management of their own health and safety, both at work and at home.
  • Comply with legislative requirements and adhere to industry standards.
  • Review of our OH&S sand environmental systems.
  • Constant reinforcement to staff members and instilling a culture of “if it’s not safe, don’t do it”, and alerting management to any unsafe work practices or work environments

All employees and contractors are responsible for

  • Taking reasonable care for their safety and of others in or around their works.
  • Following all safety procedures and maintenance programs.
  • Raising issues of concern relating to safety with a manager.
  • Reporting and completing all accident and incident reports.
  • Reporting hazards immediately.

Environmental Location Systems will

  • Ensuring the Occupational Health and Safety policy is reviewed periodically to ensure it remains current, relevant and appropriate to the organisation and our vison.
  • To ensure continuous performance improvement, provides the resources to achieve a systematic approach to health and safety management.
  • Set improvement targets, KPI’s, and report and measure performance at all levels.
  • Annual audit of all OH&S policies and procedures.


ELS is proud to adhere to the Australian Standard for what we do every day.

These include

  • AS5488-2013 Classification of Subsurface Utility Information.

  • WSA 05-2013 Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia

  • AS/NZS 4233.1 2013 High Pressure Water Jetting Systems

Click on the Australian Standards above for more information or excerpts to give a clearer understanding of the quality of information and work you will receive from ELS.


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