Dial Before You Dig is a free national community service designed to prevent damage and disruption to the vast pipe and cable networks which provides Australia with the essential services we use everyday – electricity, gas, communications and water.

Knowing ahead of time what utilities are under the ground is critical. We advise all of our clients to perform a DBYD inquiry before works commence, this allows ELS to ‘tick off’ all known assets in the area, thus decreasing the chance of hitting an asset.

ELS locators are DBYD certified, testing and certification is the most comprehensive Service Locator assessment available in Australia. You can be assured that when you choose ELS to locate your services, its done the correct way, every time.


DBYD Certification offers certification for Service Locators working with DBYD asset owners and contractors. The Certification recognises Locators who have a high level of understanding and practical expertise.

In 2017, this was a huge undertaking by ELS. Having over 9 successful Service Locators pass their assessments, means ELS has more DBYD Certified Service Locators than anyone else in Victoria.

Telstra demand the best possible Verification of Competency for service locating, which is what DBYD can provide.

Coupled with a Telstra Acreddited Plant Locator ticket, which cannot be obtained without a DBYD certifictaion, it allows ELS to locate Telstra safely and efficiently.



The mission of NULCA Australia Inc. is to define, establish and maintain best work practices performed by the underground utility locating industry. To establish work standard and competencies which will assist in providing a safer work environment for the general public, excavators, and all people in the civil works and underground service locating industry.

By being associated with NULCA, ELS is constantly kept up to date with changes in the industry and the Australian Standard AS5488-2013.


ELS performs robotic CCTV camera inspections of storm water, sewer and other drainage. Providing our clients with critical information of the condition and identification of pipes and conduits.

ELS uses WINCAN to produce the findings in an easy to read but detailed report and video.

WINCAN is used by most utility providers and gives a uniform report that adheres to the Australian Standard WSA 05-2013.


ELS is proud to hold and maintain a IS09001-2008 certification.

SCI QUAL audits ELS on a 12 monthly basis and internal audits of our Quality Management System are completed on a 3 monthly basis, with all non-comformitys closed out as quickly as possible.

Holding a ISO9001-2008 certification and having a current, up to date Quality Management System gives our clients confidence that our customer service focus and our service delivery is our number one priority.


ELS is a vendor with Avetta. Some contractors use Avetta live to qualify businesses before they are engaged. This ensures ELS’ insurances, safety, quality and environmental policies are up to date and correct at the time of award.

Find the right vendor for the right job, instantly. Avetta uses an integrated suite of products and solutions, allows you to efficiently digitize and automate your existing vendor management systems and processes, streamlining workflow, eliminating unnecessary paperwork, and guaranteeing compliance quality. Minimise risk, maximise productivity.